Friday, 3 December 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This month is proving to be a VERY busy time. It usually is hectic, but this is bordering on crazy.

I'm going to just put up our schedule for this month. I'll probably be referring to it myself so that I can keep up with what is going on. LOL

December Calender:
1st- Decorated the church for Christmas
3rd- Decorated the house
4th- Carol Service at Orchard House Care Home and then a few of the ladies at church and I are going to a Ladies meeting in Newbury. I am the guest speaker and also have to play the piano.
5th-Regular service plus the Carol Service at the Willow's Care Home.
6th- Meeting friends for Christmas shopping in Milton Keynes
11th- Karate Grading
12th- Carol Service at church plus our annual Church Christmas Party after the service.
14th- Home schooling Christmas party in Birmingham. I am making Christmas Tea and Buckey Bars with the older students.
19th- Candle Light Service in the evening.

Well, after just typing that I'm tired. Off to relax and enjoy some ice-cream.

Christmas Blessings,
Sis. Tammy